One-to-One Meetings


There are a number of executives from Microsoft and its partners available for interview at Tech Ed Europe 2001.  A list of topics and speakers appears below. Please contact the Press Office team for further details or to arrange a meeting. 



Eric Vallet

ASP Group Manager, Microsoft EMEA

BizTalk Server

Dave Wascha

Product Manager, BizTalk Server, Microsoft Corp

Scott Woodgate

Technical Product Manager, BizTalk Server, Microsoft Corp

Host Integration Server

Paul Larsen

Lead Programme Manager, Host Integration Server, Microsoft Corp

Intel Itanium

Andrew Mar

Product Manager, Windows 2000, Microsoft Corp

Partners on Intel Itanium

Gianni Ercolani

European Marketing Manager, Intel

Olivier Riviere

Itanium Processor Marketing Manager, Intel

Microsoft Agent

Bernard Wong

Program Manager Microsoft Agent

Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Systems Management Server (SMS)

Paul Barcoe-Walsh

Product Manager, Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) and Systems Management Server (SMS), Microsoft Corp

Microsoft Mobility

Adam Anger

Lead Business Manager Mobility, Microsoft EMEA

Dilip Mistry

Marketing Manager Mobility, Microsoft EMEA

Peter Wissinger

ICSA Product Manager, Mobility Solutions Centre, Microsoft EMEA

Partners on Mobility

Rob Idink

Business Development Manager, Compaq Computer International


Simon Thomason

Chief Technical Architect, KPMG Consulting

Andrew Wishart

Head of Mobile Solutions, KPMG Consulting

Graham Oates


Managing Partner, Consulting Solutions and New Businesses, KPMG Consulting

Augustin Nuņez

Director of Platforms and Services, Telefonica

Tech Ed Europe 2001 Communications Network

Andrew Cheeseman

Overall project manager for the TechEd Communications Network, Microsoft

Partners on Tech Europe 2001 Communications Network

Paolo Cattolico

Manager, eBusiness Acceleration Center, Compaq



Sharepoint Portal Server

Trina Seinfeld

Product Manager, Sharepoint Portal Server, Microsoft Corp

Visual Studio .NET

Ari Bixhorn

Technical Product Manager, Visual Studio.NET, Microsoft Corp

Sam Henry

Technical Product Manager, Visual Studio .NET, Microsoft Corp


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